CEU is Reimagining Career Services!

September 4, 2017

Starting in September 2017, CEU’s newly-integrated Careers Office will partner with CEU students and alumni on their career development. CEU Careers will play a key role in ensuring that CEU graduates transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement, offering guidance and support to CEU students and alumni as they develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success. 

The team's six careers professionals bring many years of experience and knowledge about CEU students and programs to their work. They operated previously out of three separate careers units, one serving students and alumni of the university's business programs, another serving students and alumni of the School of Public Policy (SPP), and a third serving the rest of the university. Formal integration took place on August 1, but team members have worked together since spring 2017 to establish the basis of a new careers framework for all of CEU. 

CEU Careers will provide careers advising and programming tailored to CEU students and alumni. A priority for the 2017-2018 academic year is to forge stronger relationships with students and departments. "We've noticed that students in certain academic programs make greater use of careers support at CEU," commented Ann Gagliardi, director of the newly-integrated office. "We want to make sure that all CEU students understand how CEU Careers can partner with them in preparing for professional success after CEU." 

An innovation in this regard is the role of Program Liaison. Program Liaisons will function as direct links between the Careers Office and specific student cohorts, serving as their dedicated careers advisors and informing them about CEU Careers programs and initiatives. Full details and brief bios of staff members are available in the Meet the Team section of the new CEU Careers website

Incoming students will have an opportunity to meet the full CEU Careers team during their first week on campus via brief orientation sessions, conducted in tandem with the university's Alumni Relations team. CEU Careers will also be present with a table at Welcome Afternoon on Friday September 8. 

During fall term, Program Liaisons will facilitate full Careers Orientation sessions for incoming students. Students will learn about the CEU Careers framework. They will also receive encouragement to think about their professional futures before their time at CEU ends. "It’s important to make time for the career development process,” said Gagliardi. “Whether the goal is to embark on a non-academic career path, gain acceptance to a PhD program, or secure a post-doc, success requires time for self-reflection and careers research. We know that CEU's academic programs are intense and academically stimulating. We’re here to help CEU students make the most of their time." Returning students will also receive direct communication from their Program Liaisons regarding how to make the most of CEU Careers. 

CEU Careers is located on the fourth floor of the Nador 11 building, with consultation spaces in Nador 11 and Nador 9.