September 26, 2018

This fall, CEU’s Career Services Office is launching a new initiative to help students structure their career development and recognize their hard work. 

The SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program will help students make the most of career services programming at CEU. By attending career planning workshops and CEU’s annual Career Camp, students will gain the knowledge and skills required to define and pursue their professional goals. Through employer presentations and Careers in thematic careers education events, students will expand their knowledge of professional opportunities and potential career paths. By participating in a one-on-one career advising session with their dedicated Program Liaison, students will receive individualized attention and advice.  An account in career>next, CEU’s exclusive career platform, is the route route to curated and relevant vacancies and resources.  

Want to join? Learn more here. 

SPARK YOUR CAREER is a one-year program. The Career Services Office will record student engagement and track their progress. Students who meet SPARK requirements will receive recognition in the form of a SPARK YOUR CAREER certificate at the end of the academic year.  

The mission of the CEU Career Services Office is to partner with the university’s students and graduates as they transform their CEU experience into impact and success. Career planning takes time, energy, skills and resilience. SPARK YOUR CAREER will help master’s students invest in their career development efforts in a meaningful way. 

A separate program for doctoral students will be introduced in the future, based on the Professional Development Program (PSP).