Career>Next Milestone: 4,000 international vacancies for CEU students and graduates

October 1, 2018

We’re delighted to report a major milestone for career>next, CEU’s exclusive careers platform. This month, the website's job board reached the 4,000 vacancies mark: 1200+ internships, 300+ fellowships and thousands of jobs shared with CEU students and alumni. 

First launched in February 2015, career>next was created by CEU’s web team and Career Services members as an optimized combination of previously existing, separate websites for vacancies, Resume Book or recommended resources. With an average of 54k visits recorded yearly, career>next became one of the most popular CEU online products. Career Services team members curate the platform, conducting research and adding vacancies of potential relevance to CEU community members. Other opportunities are posted directly by many of the 544 employers who hold career>next accounts. 

Vacancies posted in career>next to date are located in over 70 countries and require 50 languages, with French, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish the most popular after English and Hungarian. The vacancies remain in the system for an indefinite period, serving as a resource to students and alumni who are curious about what employers seek. 

182 incoming students joined career>next in September 2018, making for 431 active student accounts in the system. 400 alumni users made use of the site at least once during the last 12 months, browsing through opportunities for recent graduates or for more experienced professionals. 

Check out all the vacancies and resources collection with your career>next account or request one today by following this link!