It’s First Destination Survey Time!

February 13, 2019

The mission of CEU’s Career Services Office is all about supporting the university’s graduates as they prepare to transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement.

What does this involve? We facilitate workshops like the annual Career Camp sessions, cultivate relationships with potential employers and internship hosts, share information with students through the monthly Career Newsletter and the career>next career platform, and meet with students and alumni in one-on-one career advising sessions.  

One other aspect of our work that might not be on your radar is our efforts to gather and report on career outcomes.  In fact, each year, we ask recent graduates to tell us about their first employment outcomes through a survey called the First Destination Survey. Respondents tell us whether they are working, engaged in further study or still seeking; why they made a specific career choice; whether what they are doing is related to their CEU degree program; how long it took employed graduates to find their job; and how satisfied they are with this first career outcome. We also give them a chance to share their views on the career services they made use of while at CEU and to let us know how other aspects of their CEU experience contributed to their professional development. This information helps the university better understand the impact of a CEU education, and it helps us understand how to further develop our own work. We publish the results, anonymized, in an annual report. You can access the most recent report via the Facts and Figures section of our website. We also build on this information in our work with students, for example when sharing alumni career information during “Career Orientations” at the start of the academic year. 

Like many other universities, we gather information about graduate career outcomes six months after graduation. This is an industry standard.  This means that right now, behind the scenes, we are collecting First Destination Survey responses. In January, 538 master’s graduates from 2018 and 262 doctoral graduates (2014-18) received an invitation to tell us about their life after CEU. We hope to reach or ideally surpass last year’s survey response rate of 52%. 

We want everyone to know about this annual project, including students, because when you graduate, we’ll be asking you to complete the survey, and we hope you will. 

-- February 2019