2018 Graduates Off to a Great Start!

October 16, 2019

The CEU Career Services Office (CSO) is proud to present the 2018 Master’s First Destinations Report, which includes information about the employment outcomes and next steps students from the class of 2018 took after graduation. This information helps the university and external partners to better understand the impact of a CEU education and helps our office to understand how to best support CEU students and alumni.

CEU Impact / We are happy and proud to see that alumni from the Class of 2018 have already started making their mark in a wide range of organizations and sectors, such as local and international NGO’s, national governments, multilateral organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Those who chose to continue their studies have enrolled at highly ranked universities throughout the world.

Increased knowledge rate / CSO has made changes regarding how we engage with students and alumni, including data collection and reporting. One result, we are happy to report, is that the knowledge rate regarding 2018 graduate outcomes went up significantly compared to 2017. This year’s report includes information about 80% of 2018 master’s graduates, including responses to the annual First Destinations Survey sent to all 2018 graduates roughly six months after graduation and information obtained through other sources, such as LinkedIn and personal communication from fresh graduates.

Great results for 2018 / Of the fresh graduates covered in the report, 89% are employed or engaged in continuing studies, which is consistent with previous outcomes. 


  • 78% of graduates are employed in a work, internship or professional fellowship agreement
    • 71% accepted offers within two months of graduation
    • 82% work in an area relevant to their CEU degree
    • Graduates are employed in 73 different countries

Continuing Studies

  • 11% of graduates are enrolled in a program of continuing studies
    • 67% are enrolled in a PhD program
    • 87% are pursuing a degree in the social sciences or humanities
    • 85% are studying in a program relevant to their CEU degree

The Career Services Office is committed to helping CEU students transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement. For further insights, check out the full report.