Our Mission

CEU Careers plays a leading role in institutional efforts to ensure that our graduates are prepared to transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement. CEU Careers partners with students and alumni, offering guidance, support, and information to help them develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success all over the world.

Our work involves:

  • Serving as a bridge between university leadership, academic departments, students and alumni, and external partners to help ensure that CEU graduates are prepared to make an impact in the professional and social spheres of their choosing;
  • Partnering directly with students and alumni on their professional development;
  • Gathering data about and reporting on the career paths of CEU graduates and sharing real life stories that demonstrate the impact of a CEU education;
  • Facilitating connections between CEU community members so they can share and gain professionally-relevant information, advice, and resources;
  • Cultivating and expanding upon CEU’s global network of partnerships with potential employers and internship hosts;
  • Taking advantage of technology and resources tailored to CEU’s global community in order to connect with students and alumni wherever they are.

It’s an exciting time at CEU. CEU Careers is engaged in a re-imagining of Career Services for the university.