Intern Focus - Students Reflect on Their Internships

November 13, 2019

Internships have become an increasingly important career stepping stone. Every year, many CEU students complete internships in a wide range of organizations and companies around the world, either as a required or recommended part of their degree program, or simply to gain additional professional experience. Through the Internship Support Program (ISP), the Career Services Office assists students in finding and securing professionally-relevant internships. Students can also apply for competitive internship funding, designed to help with unpaid and low-paid internships.

This fall, we will publish a series of interviews featuring the internship experiences of students from different departments. This series gives students the chance to see what it is like to intern in different sectors, organizations and geographical locations.

We asked our interviewees to describe their tasks and responsibilities, and tell us how they think their internship will benefit their future career. We were also curious to hear what advice they would give to current students who are planning to complete an internship during or after their time at CEU. All our interviewees gave interesting, informative and inspiring answers, and we hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we do!

You can find the interviews here.

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