Career Camp 2020 -- A Lot of Happy Campers!

February 28, 2020

Thank you to all the students who took part in the Career Camp 2020.

The camp was intended to serve as a crash course to everything you need to know as we enter the busy season for job and internship searches and applications.

During the two-week camp, the Career Services Office saw nearly 300 attendees at 12 separate workshops and info-sessions that were available on both campuses.

Thank you for your amazing job and the Career Camp. It helped a lot.

Our team had fun planning and delivering the camp, and based on the feedback, students found them useful and engaging. The Career Services Office loves feedback, as you know, and we are also grateful for the thoughtful suggestions regarding how we can further improve the camp next year.

Thank you! It was one of the most useful sessions at CEU.

If you missed the camp, and wish you hadn’t, don’t worry. There will be many additional information sessions and career events before the end of the year. You can also find a lot of useful materials on the Career Knowledge Hub. To stay up to date with what is going on with our office, follow us on Facebook (CEU Career Services / CEU Doctoral Careers) and Instagram and open emails from your career advisor. 

Not sure how the Career Services Office could help you? Check out the CSO map, it shows all our services on one page.