62 Students Qualify for SPARK!

June 9, 2022

The SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program offers CEU students a framework to help structure their career development efforts and makes them visible.

This year, 62 students from 11 departments and spanning all degree levels were awarded the SPARK Certificate to recognize their engagement with the Career Services Office (CSO). This includes 9 second-year undergraduate students who received a retroactive SPARK certificate for their exemplary engagement as first-year students in 2020-21, before the undergraduate SPARK program was formally launched.

SPARK-ers received their certificates during the CSO's first on-campus SPARK ceremony since spring 2019. (SPARK-ers who were unable to attend in person joined the ceremony online.) 

In reflecting on the benefits of SPARK, SPARK-ers shared about progress made in terms of learning to identify and articulate their skills; boosting their confidence; and securing opportunities to develop professionally through volunteer experiences, internships, and jobs. Many warmly thanked their designated career advisors for the individualized support and warm encouragement they received during the year.

The CSO congratulates all the students who qualified for SPARK for their commitment to their personal career development and their dedicated engagement with the Career Services Office. We also wish to celebrate the 78 students who engaged very intensively but missed qualifying for SPARK by just one criterion.