Family-Friendly University

In 2023, CEU has been awarded the basic certificate university and family by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Women, Family, Integration and Media. This award demonstrates our commitment to family-friendly measures and offerings within the framework of family-conscious employment and study policies.

The certification process was carried out by an internal project group consisting of members of HR, Works Council, senior leadership team, Gender Equality Office, Communications Office, and Student Representatives. The audit process has shown CEU’s dedication to ensuring sustainable measures for a healthy work-life balance. To that end, we offer family benefits for employees ranging from financial support schemes to on-campus facilities.

The project group continues to focus on the implementation of measures related to work time organization for employees and university-wide dissemination of family-friendly policies. We will be reporting annually to Familie & Beruf Management GmbH over the course of the next three years on our progress in this area, and will strive for recertification. CEU will continue to ensure the quality of its family-friendly benefits and to provide employees with more opportunities to balance their caretaking responsibilities with their life at CEU.
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