Indication of Interest -- Life Coaching with Alumna Maja Skalar (LEGS '10)



Please fill out the form below to register your interest in being one of five CEU students offered a one-hour life coaching session with alumna Maja Skalar (LEGS '10). Please read the details about this opportunity first. 

Feeling stuck? 

Maybe it’s a good time to try life coaching ...

Alumna Maja Skalar (LEGS ’10) has volunteered to offer 5 CEU students a one-hour life coaching session. This is a response to the Alumni Relations Office’s recent call to alumni, inviting them to propose new ways to support students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Maja is a recently-certified Life Coach.

About Maja Maja is a 2010 graduate of CEU's Legal Studies department (Human Rights MA). Since then, she has held roles at CEU involving work with students, researchers and course participants. After graduation she served as Program Manager at CEU’s Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) and has served a HRSi board member since 2012. She also held roles at the former Department of Public Policy and at the School of Public Policy and currently serves as a Program Coordinator at CEU's Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education.  Maja holds an International Coaching Certification awarded by the World Coaching Organization.

About life coaching Life coaches work with their clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives. Maja has offered to meet with up to five CEU students. She will offer each student a one-hour virtual coaching session as well as a brief follow-up conversation.

First-come, first-served Maja will work with the first five students who sign up for this opportunity. Please use this form to sign up!

Please note that by completing and submitting this form, you agree that your email address may be shared with Maja Skalar for the purposes of this opportunity.