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Please note: From July 5 to September 3 2021, Career Services Office team members are on rotational summer holidays. This may result in longer-than-usual response time to requests for career advising sessions. When requesting an appointment, please include details regarding what you would like to discuss, and indicate whether or not it is urgent. We cannot guarantee that all urgent requests will be met, but we will do our best. We thank you for your understanding and wish you a wonderful summer.

Career advising sessions are available to all CEU students and alumni and offer an opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas, and talk things through with a member of the CEU Career Services Office team. Topics for careers advising sessions include:

  • Identifying your strengths and interest areas;
  • Exploring possible career paths;
  • Pursuing opportunities to obtain professionally-relevant knowledge and skills through practice-based learning opportunities such as internships and consultancies;
  • Creating, expanding, and managing your own network of personal careers advisors;
  • Crafting tailored application materials;
  • Preparing for interviews;
  • Conducting salary negotiations;
  • Making careers-related decisions.

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