For Doctoral Students

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in academia or exploring the broad range of alternative professional options, we'll encourage you to start early in working out how you can connect what you learn at CEU to real-world impact in the professional sphere of your choice.

CEU doctoral students benefit from tailored career education opportunities, individual advising, and access to relevant vacancies, resources, and events.

HOW Do we partner with ceu DOCTORAL STUDENTS?

Career Education 
Our commitment to ensuring that CEU students recognize and achieve their potential lies at the heart of our Career Education programming.
We share information about our recommended framework for approaching the career development process through interactive careers orientations, career courses and workshops, and the annual Career Camp. Several programs are tailored to doctoral students and researchers at CEU, bridging the knowledge gap between academic education and the practical competencies required on the academic and non-academic job market. 

Program Liaisons 
CEU Careers Program Liaisons serve as points of contact for specific CEU student groups, making sure they are aware of relevant careers events and initiatives and providing tailored careers advising. Doctoral students and graduates and researchers at CEU are encouraged to meet with Cristina Balint-Nagy, Program Liaison for all CEU doctoral programs as the university's Doctoral Careers Advisor.

Career Consultations Advising Sessions 
Career advising sessions are an opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas, and talk things through with a member of the CEU Careers team. Topics for careers advising sessions include:

  • Identifying your strengths and interest areas;
  • Exploring possible career paths;
  • Creating your individual development plan:
  • Pursuing opportunities to obtain professionally-relevant knowledge and skills (fellowships, teaching certificates, internships, consultancies); 
  • Creating, expanding, and managing your own network of professional connections;
  • Crafting tailored application materials;
  • Preparing for interviews;
  • Conducting salary negotiations;
  • Making careers-related decisions.

Book a career advising session with CEU’s Doctoral Careers Advisor.

The CEU Careers Platform
Career>next, the CEU careers platform, is your gateway to careers resources and to job, internship, and fellowship vacancies of relevance to CEU students and alumni. Create your account now!

Career Events
CEU Careers organizes careers education events, employer presentations, and other opportunities for students to learn about the career paths of individuals in fields of relevance to our community. Check your email regularly, join our dedicated Facebook group for doctoral careers, and watch our Events page to be sure you know what’s going on.

Career Development Opportunities Across CEU
CEU offers doctoral students a wide range of opportunities for academic skills development, such as the Global Teaching Fellowship Program (GTFP) and the Certificate Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education. Across CEU you will find additional opportunities to develop career-relevant skills and knowledge. Each year, a number of CEU students receive internship support through the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program, an initiative of the university's Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO). Members of the CEU community make a tangible benefit for individuals outside the walls of our campus via the university's numerous Civic Engagement initiatives, while also acquiring professionally-relevant skills and knowledge.