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Internship Support Program (ISP)

Internship Support Program (ISP) Remote Fund  Call AY 19-20

The Internship Support Program (ISP) Remote Fund was instituted by the Career Services Office in order to support students in engaging in substantive, professionally-relevant remote internshipsThe ISP Remote Fund is a pilot initiative developed specifically to assist students in gaining professional experience despite restrictions on mobility related to the global Covid-19 pandemicPlease read very carefully the information below about what constitutes a substantive remote internship and the documentation and verification required of applicants to this fund and of their internship host organizations. 


The aim of the ISP Remote Fund, as an instrument of ISP, is to provide grant awards intended as a contribution to students in connection with unpaid or low paid remote internships conducted during academic year 2019-20 (AY 19-20) and/or summer and fall 2020. Please note: an internship is considered low-paid if the monthly payment to be received by the intern does not exceed one third of the potential monthly amount of the grant. 

The ISP Remote Fund is a competitive fund geared towards helping students take advantage of unpaid or low-paid opportunities to gain relevant real-life skills, knowledge and experience in support of their longer-term professional goals. ISP Remote Fund applications are evaluated and ranked by a committee comprised of faculty and staff. 


The ISP Remote Fund award is intended to serve as a contribution and is not intended to substitute a salary. ISP Fund awards are distributed on a competitive basis. Successful applicants receive funding in two installments. Students are advised to make sure they evaluate the personal resources available to them during the period of their internship when accepting any internship offer. 


In order to be eligible to apply for an award from the ISP Remote Fund, students must: 

  • Secure a remote internship by the time they apply for funding (the Career Services Office only offers guidance and support on the internship search process) 

  • Be enrolled in a master's or doctoral degree program at CEU at the time of application.  

  • Submit a fund application in relation to a single remote internship  

  • Be making satisfactory progress towards their degree as detailed in CEU’s Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations 

 Students will not be eligible for ISP Remote Fund support if they: 

  • Apply to conduct internships that involve: a) independent research that is not clearly part of an actual internship (the purpose of this fund is not to support master’s or doctoral thesis completion) b) language study programs, c) on-site internships, d) internships which involve mobility/travel, e) internships with CEU units.


The remote internship should be clearly defined and designed to take place over a set number of hours, with a specific project/s and clear goals, tasks, timeline and deliverables

The internship host organization may be in the public, private, education and research, non-profit or multilateral sector.

The student and the internship host must demonstrate in the application documents (Remote Internship Agreement) that:

  • there is a clear internship plan and clear internship deliverables to be completed by the student during the period of the internship (as with a project-based internship); 
  • the intern will receive training and that all required information / resources / data required to complete the deliverables outlined in the internship plan can be accessed by the student; 

  • there is a plan for remote supervision of the student, including regular meetings and check-ins; effort will be made to include the intern in the greater professional life of the organization through attendance in team meetings and/or one-on-one meetings with staff members or through other channels; 

  • the time required to produce internship deliverables, participate in relevant trainingattend regular mentorship / supervision meetings and take part in other meetings or activities geared towards inclusion in the workplace is accounted for in the overall plan for the internship. 

Portions of the internships taking place while an award recipient is an enrolled student during term time must be part time (20 hours per week).


  • ISP Remote Fund awards are intended to support internships lasting a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 months. The internship must be consecutive, meaning the internship period may not be split. Students doing a longer internship are still eligible for an award from the fund, but the award amount will not exceed 3 months. 

  • The internship may be 20, 30, or 40 hours/week (time frames which correspond to three financial support categories).  

  • The internship must be unpaid or low-paid. An internship is considered low-paid if the monthly payment to be received by the intern does not exceed one third of the potential monthly amount of the grant.  

  • Students may receive funding for a single internship during the eligibility period.  

  • The ISP Remote Fund provides support for internships that take place between July 1 and November 30 2020. See below the exact periods based on the application deadlines. Internships may start earlier and end later than the specific period indicated, however, students may receive funding only for the portion of an internship taking place in the relevant period and for no more than 3 months.

  •  Portions of internships taking place while an award recipient is an enrolled student during term time must be part time (20 hours per week). Please note: fall term 2020 starts on September 28, 2020. 


The responsibility of securing an internship rests with the student. The Career Services Office offers guidance and support on the internship search process. 


Award amounts are calculated at a monthly rate, where one month is equivalent to 30 days. In case of incomplete months, the number of days is multiplied by 1/30. The grant will be disbursed in two installments: 60% pre-financing upon the signature of the grant contract and start of the internship and 40% at the end of the internship period, after the submission of all documentation. 

Grants for remote internships will be calculated according to intern level of engagement with internship host organization: 

Financial support categories  



Grant Level 1 

40 hours 

520 EUR 

Grant Level 2 

30 hours 

390 EUR  

Grant Level 3 

20 hours 

260 EUR  

*Please note: if a student or an internship host organization cannot sufficiently demonstrate that the time budgeted for the internship is realistic, the internship will be excluded from consideration.  


The ISP Remote Fund is administered by the Career Services Office. Disbursement of awards, however, is handled by the CEU Budget and Finance Office (BFO), which has its own timelines and procedures. There is no guarantee that awards will be disbursed before internships commence. although everything possible will be done to support timely disbursement of awards.  

After award recipients are selected, they will be required to submit further documents and information in order for their awards to be disbursed.  

There will be very short turnaround times and firm deadlines. The Career Services Office asks in advance for full cooperation and maximum attention towards communication regarding the Internship Remote Fund during this stage in the process. Students who receive awards will be responsible for completing all required additional paperwork by communicated deadlines. Failure to do so may result in significant delays in disbursement or even in cancellation of awards. 


Award recipients are expected to complete the internship and all additional relevant required documentationoutlined here, as described and within the timeframe indicated. Failure to do so may result in the grant being rescinded. 

  • Both the award recipient and the internship host organization will be required to fill out a progress report halfway through the internship. An online form will be shared with each party for this purpose. 

  • Upon conclusion of the internship, the award recipient will be required to submit the ISP Remote Internship Report (filled out by the student) and the ISP Remote Employer Evaluation Form (filled out by the intern supervisor).  Failure to submit the required documentation and doing so according to the established timeframe may result in the grant being rescinded. 


Deadlines for the ISP Remote Fund are as follows:    

May 15, 2020 11:59 PM.  - Internship period July 1- November 30 

June 15, 2020 11.59 PM.   - Internship period August 1- November 30 

Please note, late applications will not be accepted.  


To apply, students must submit the following documents:  

  •  ISP Remote  Online Application Form (once you save the form in the online platform, it will be considered submitted)  

  • Employers will work with their intern to create an internship description which will highlight all projects that will be completed by the intern, as well as deliverables and goals for the internship and the students professional future. This will be thoroughly detailed in the  ISP Remote Internship Agreement. This document should be signed by the student and the responsible person at the host organization. Upload a signed copy to the Online Platform.  

  • The ISP Remote Application Statement signed by the student and the student’s CEU department and uploaded to the Online Platform.  

  • An unofficial copy of Transcript of Records from CEU (you can request it by writing to  

  • An up-to-date CV/resume. The Career Services Office's recommended CV and resume templates can be found here. 

  • One recommendation letter from a faculty member from the student’s department. The letter should include comments on the student’s academic performance and on the internship itself as relevant for the student’s longer-term goals. The letter should also explicitly indicate, based on the internship details outlined in the remote application agreement, that in the view of the faculty member, the internship parameters are realistic. The letter should be sent via email by the recommender to, with the subject: “Recommendation Letter_Name of the Applicant”.        

  • A one-page motivation letter covering the following:  

  1. Reasons for choosing the specific internship host organization 

  2. Description of your planned primary responsibilities during the internship 

  3. Brief reflection on how you plan to deal with the remote aspect of this internship, including any challenges you anticipate and strategies you would employ to deal with them 

  4. Narrative on how the internship aligns with your career plans  


Applications will be evaluated based on the following:  

  • Applicant demonstrates relevance of the chosen internship to the student’s studies and career goals.  

  • Applicant demonstrates professional and academic potential and achievement.  

  • Applicants demonstrate that the internship can be carried out effectively remotely. 

  • Applicants demonstrate clear deliverables and responsibilities which correspond to the proposed weekly hours.  

  • Applicants demonstrate how the quality and progress of the internship and the intern will be monitored/ensured jointly with the host organization.