Job search resources and support for alumni impacted by the war in Ukraine

CEU’s Career Services Office is committed to supporting all CEU students and graduates. In response to ongoing events, we are working to collect resources and information in order to best support and advise students and alumni who are impacted by the war in Ukraine.

On this page, please find information about resources provided by our office and resources we have gathered through our research and outreach.

Please note: We are gathering and adding this information on a best-effort basis and in most cases are not in direct contact with the originators of information/resources not provided directly by our office.

CEU's Alumni Relations Office is providing assistance to alumni displaced by the war. You can find more information here.

Resources provided by the CEU Career Services Office

Vacancies: Career>Next, the CEU jobs portal, is open to all CEU students and alumni. In addition to the regular research and outreach we conduct to input vacancies to the platform, staff from the Career Services Office are following CEU-specific social media pages and  conducting research to identify vacancies (jobs and support for researchers and academics) from organizations that have expressed a willingness to hire individuals impacted by the war in Ukraine. All CEU alumni may request a free account on the portal, please follow the instructions on the platform.

One-on-one advising: Impacted alumni can write us at to request an appointment.

Helping CEU help impacted alumni: CEU alumni who wish to share a vacancy or job search resources potentially useful for impacted alumni can contact us at (If you're most comfortable sharing on social media, that's also fine. We are monitoring social media, posting relevant vacancies to Career>Next and liaising with alumni who express a willingness to help.)

CEU Job Search Resources: Access resources created by CEU Career Services staff on topics including CV/Resume writing (including template), cover letter writing and interview preparation on the Career Knowledge Hub.

Job Boards and Job-Search Support

(general information for job seekers impacted by the war in Ukraine)

UAtalents. Job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine.

UkraineJobs. Jobs platform, range of roles, focus on displaced Ukrainians in Austria.

JobAid Jobs Board. Jobs in very a wide range of fields with an emphasis on Ukrainians who had to leave their country. Serves as a direct hub for employers to post open roles. Constant updates.

Jobs for Ukraine. Jobs in a range of fields. Academic, scientific, arts, professional and freelance opportunities currently available for people fleeing war. Sortable by country or by  academic and industry opportunities.

Jobs4Ukraine. Employers on this job board have expressed a willingness to hire individuals impacted / displaced by the war in Ukraine for open vacancies. Jobs are labeled by field and include location, job description, and HR contact.

Job Board – Crowdsourced database. Employers on this job board have expressed a willingness to hire individuals impacted / displaced by the war in Ukraine for open vacancies. Jobs are labeled by field and include location, job description, HR contact and required language skills.

Imagine Ukraine – An organization helping match companies with applicants seeking refuge from war in Ukraine or repression in Belarus and Russia. You can submit your CV to access opportunities for matching or browse their job board. Most companies are in Germany but opportunities for remote work are also available.

Crowd-Sourced Resource on Job-Seeking – Within a larger crowd-sourced resource for individuals impacted / displaced by the war in Ukraine, look for the section labeled ‘Resources of Companies and Job Seekers’.

Slovak Job Board - Includes filter Ukrajinský jazyk.

Czech Job Board - Includes filter 'UprchlÍky z Ukrajiny'.

Support for Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups

Support Ukrainian Start-Ups Now - Support for Ukrainian start-ups, focused on those who stay in Ukraine.

Research and Academic Support -- databases / platforms with multiple opportunities

(for researchers and students impacted by the war in Ukraine)

EURAXESS-ERA4Ukraine (EU) - Support for researchers, organized by EU country. Includes job offers.

Academic opportunities for displaced Ukrainians and third country nationals fleeing Ukraine (global) - spreadsheet curated by a member of the CEU community listing research and scholarship opportunities and resources for displaced Ukrainian and third country national scholars

Support Academics at Risk - information compiled by the Lviv Center regarding academic communities offering institutional assistance to researchers and scientists

ScienceForUkraine (global) - collection of research opportunities and support for Ukrainian students and scholars through academic institutions globally. 

Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists (global) - collection of support opportunities for Ukrainian scientists (mainly STEM, perhaps of interest to the extended CEU community)

Support for Ukraine Science and Education (global) – Spreadsheet with academic institutions supporting Ukrainian students and researchers with employment, scholarships and grants (with direct contacts).

Research and Academic Support -- singular initiatives

OSUN Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative (Asia / Europe / North America) - Fellowships are offered in OSUN institutions for scholars who have lost their academic positions or cannot remain in their home countries due to threats or actions from authoritarian regimes, persecution for their views or identities, or other risks. 

CARA Academics at Risk - Fellowship Program offering support for academics impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Loughborough University (UK) offering support for students, researchers and academics in Ukraine or who are refugees from Ukraine, through a range of fully funded studentships and fellowships.

Scholar Rescue Fund (global) - Fellowships for threatened scholar through the International Institute of Education (IIE-SRF).

Professional Mentorship

Stella Women's Mentorship Network - Women are matched with a volunteer mentor for free, personal, structured womentorship offered in the form of one-on-one guidance and advice. (For questions, contact CEU alumna Erlin Agich at