Careers Newsletter

Check out the Careers Newsletter! The Career Services Office launched the monthly, CEU-wide Careers Newsletter in January 2018 to support the career development of CEU students. It's the go-to space to get information about career events, access links to job and internship vacancies,  and discover potentially-useful career development resources.

In addition to the newsletter, we urge students to make use of a variety of sources when researching vacancies and planning for the future. It's possible to find hundreds of such resources in the CEU career platform, career>next. To review past editions, scroll down and click on the links in the column  on the left.
Special for CEU Faculty and Staff: If you are aware of a job / internship vacancy of potential interest to CEU students and/or alumni, please forward it to We will share it via the career>next careers platform and/or the Careers Newsletter.