External Employer Events and Career Fairs

In response to Covid-19, many organizations have moved their recruitment and career fairs online. If you are interested in participating, please bookmark this page. We will regularly update it as we learn about new opportunities relevant for CEU students and alumni. 

Please note that these events are organized by external providers. You can find more information about CEU-specific events on the CEU Events Hub.


FEBRUARY 2-3, 2022: POLITICO’s EU Studies & Career Fair is the annual meeting place for the world’s best universities and organizations, to connect with thousands of top international youngsters looking for a future in EU Affairs, International Relations, Political Sciences, Business, Economics, Public Policy, Public Affairs and Law. Taking place online via a bespoke interactive platform, the fair is the largest recruiting event in EU affairs in Europe. Register here.

FEBRUARY 4, 2022: STICKS & STONES STUDENT SUMMIT ’22  - conference focused on various aspects of being LGBTIQ+ within a University environment. The program is packed with informative and inspirational talks, practical and insightful workshops, and plenty of opportunities to network and learn from one another. Making the Student Summit the one-stop event for LGBTIQ+ students and their allies! RSVP here.