Facts and Figures

CEU’s Career Services Office prepares regular reports regarding the first career outcomes of CEU graduates and internships conducted by CEU students, as well as annual engagement reports for the office. Scroll down for more. 

CEU Master's Career Outcomes Reports

Each year, the CSO administers the annual master’s First Destination Survey to gather information about what graduates of CEU’s master’s programs are doing six months after graduation. 

Class of 2021 Master's Graduates

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Class of 2020 Master's Graduates

Class of 2019 Master's Graduates 

Class of 2018 Master's Graduates

Class of 2017 Master's Graduates

CEU Doctoral Career Outcomes Reports

The CSO administers periodic doctoral First Destinations Surveys to gather information about the first career outcomes of CEU’s doctoral graduates and compiles the information in multi-year reports.

Classes of 2014-2018 Doctoral Graduates

Internship Reports

CEU understands the importance of internships as a source of relevant professional experience. Check our internship reports to learn more about the type of internships CEU students do.

AY 19/20 Internship Report

CSO Annual Engagement Reports

CEU’s Career Services Office focuses first and foremost on providing students and alumni with career education and guidance to support them in their career development. Learn more about our impact in our annual engagement reports.

AY 2021/22

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AY 2020/21

AY 2019/20

AY 2018/19

AY 2017/18