It’s First Destination Survey Time!

The mission of CEU’s Career Services Office is all about supporting the university’s graduates as they prepare to transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement.

To better understand this transformation, our office regularly collects and reports on career outcomes of CEU graduates. In January 2021, we launched the annual master’s First Destination Survey and invited all 2020 master’s graduates to share about what they have been doing since graduation. A bit later in the year, doctoral students will receive an invitation to complete the doctoral first destination survey. Respondents tell us whether they are working, engaged in further study, or still seeking; why they made a specific career choice; whether what they are doing is related to their CEU degree program; how long it took employed graduates to find their job; and how satisfied they are with their first career outcome. We also give them a chance to share their views on the career services they made use of while at CEU and to let us know how other aspects of their CEU experience contributed to their professional development. This information helps the university better understand the impact of a CEU education and how to further develop our own work.

We publish the anonymized results in annual Career Outcomes Reports, which are accessible via the Facts and Figures section of our website. Below are some of the highlights from the Class of 2019 Master’s Graduates Career Outcomes Report, which includes data on 80% of the graduating class.

  • 77% were employed, while 11% chose to continue their studies
  • 81% of those employed had secured positions within three months of graduation
  • 87% of those employed were in a position relevant, or somewhat relevant, to their CEU degree
  • 77% of those continuing studies were enrolled in a Ph.D. program
  • 100% of those continuing studies believed CEU prepared them well for their current program

A note to students: The Career Services Office shares the news about this annual initiative because you will also receive an invitation from us to participate in this process after you graduate. We hope that when the time comes, you will choose to support our office in its mission of helping to illustrate the value of a CEU education by participating in the survey!