Remote Internship Story: Esther Angonemi Ebimoghan (LEGS '20)

Name of intern:  Esther Angonemi Ebimoghan

CEU department and program: Department of Legal Studies, LLM in International Business Law

Year of graduation:  2020

Name of internship host organization:  African Foundation for Development (AFFORD-UK)

Role:  Intern (Remote internship)


What did you do during your internship? Can you describe a typical day at work?  

During the internship, I researched and developed a draft diaspora and remittances loan plan to facilitate financial access for innovative and viable diaspora and local enterprises. I reviewed and updated policies on whistleblowing, data protection, safeguarding, grievance, equality, and diversity. Our team organized virtual events to promote entrepreneurship and diaspora investment in emerging markets. Furthermore, I supported the delivery of events on Diaspora Investment in the Benin Republic, as well as liaising with AFFORD legal support. I also helped the AFFORD Business Club, contributed to AFFORD's work in supporting diaspora and small businesses in Benin, and coordinated investment platform meetings and other meetings. 

 How did the internship help you implement your previous experience and your knowledge gained at CEU?  

At CEU, I learnt about secured transactions law. I enjoyed the module a lot and became eager to find opportunities to apply it. My internship was perfect for this. During my internship, I worked on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) financing with close attention to the secured transactions legal framework of emerging markets. My internship provided me with practical knowledge of the challenges in applying secured transactions in emerging markets.

 What did you learn through this internship? How will this internship help you in your career?  

My internship was very useful in meeting my learning goals regarding SME financing, finance, innovation, social development, facilitation skills, diaspora investment, diaspora, migration, and development. I was able to structure a diaspora and remittances loan model to finance innovative and viable SMEs that adds value to the already existing ecosystem. I also conducted research on diaspora, migration, and development of Beninese in France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. This provided a lot of insight into the Beninese population with regards to migration, development, and remittances. This internship has been very useful to build social development and facilitation skills. Following my internship, I was offered a consulting position. 

What is your advice to current students who are thinking of doing an internship? 

An internship is a brilliant way to build your network and profile and it presents you with an opportunity to utilize your knowledge and skills.