SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program

ABOUT / The SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program is designed to bring structure to your career development efforts and to make them visible. The SPARK is a career achievement program for CEU Master's students that intends to help you:

• Gain the skills and resilience required to approach career planning with confidence;
• Expand your knowledge of career opportunities and professional paths;
• Develop CVs/resumes, cover letters and other application materials that tell your professional story;
• Transform your CEU experience into impact and success as you define it;
• Earn recognition from CEU Careers for your efforts.

Defining and pursuing your goals takes time and energy. The CEU Career Services Office is here to support you. By participating in the SPARK YOUR CAREER program, you give us a chance to recognize and celebrate your efforts.

PROCESS / SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program (Updated requirements as of 8 April 2019!)

1. Join the program HERE
We encourage you to join SPARK early in the year.

2. Complete the SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificate Program by the end of the academic year.


Create a career>next account at this link.
Career Workshops:
Requirements: Participate in at least 3 career workshops during the academic year from the following series: 
- Fall Career Planning Workshop Series (Orientation, Job Search Strategies, CV/Resume Writing)
- Career Camp in February 2019
- Spring Career Info-Sessions
*Alternative Requirements for SPP students: participate in at least 3 workshops from the SPP Job Search Course, plus 1 additional workshop organized by the Career Services Office.
*Alternative Requirements for MS Fin/BA/TMI students: participation in at least 3 workshops during the Maximizing Your Potential career course, or equivalent workshops from the other career workshops listed above.
Career Events 
Requirements: Register and participate in at least 3 careers events throughout the academic year. These can include events from the “Careers in” event series, Employer Presentations and other events and sessions hosted by the Career Services Office
 Career Consultations
Requirements: Participate in at least 1 career advising session with your Program Liaison during the academic year, but no later than May 15, 2019!

Make sure to read e-mails from your Program Liaison to know what’s going on. Additionally, our monthly Careers Newsletters will tell you when and where career events will take place. Sessions will be available throughout the year, but many will be offered once, so stay tuned

OBTAINING THE CERTIFICATE / The CEU Career Services Office records your activities and will notify you about your progress. You will receive your SPARK YOUR CAREER Certificates at the end of the academic year after completing all program requirements.